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We offer Education that helps to form a strong and agile mind, learning that grows intellect and eventually helps to make one independent with confidence and good character.

Community Contents

We have structured 55,000+ study materials and 18,000+ learning contents mapped to your syllabus.

No more Search, Do Research

Explore our ExtendedSchool

We have 2500+ Trained Teachers and 100+ Academic Experts in our community for Online Class and Physical Class.

Get connected with our Experts

Practice/Mock Exams

We have 2 Lakh+ Questions and 2000+ Mock Exams for Students and Teachers. Join our community and know where you stand.

Practice makes one Perfect

Ask Mentors/Experts

We have 5 Lakh+ Students and 2600+ Experts in our Community. Choose your Mentor and talk to our Expert Today.

We enjoy a lot in helping others achieve their Goals

Our Focus Areas for Exceptional Education

Educated & conscious parents

Holistic Mentoring & Empowering

Quality Schools

Positive Competition

Personalised Tuition

Continuous Evaluation

Teacher Parent Connect

Monitoring & Tracking

Services for Students and Teachers


Self Learning

Great opportunity for Students and Teachers to learn from community contents arranged by our experts


Online Classes

Students can join online class with subject experts and Teachers can join webinars to prepare themselves for various exams


Mock Exams

Practice and Mock Exams will help Students and Teachers to assess themselves and to prepare for a bright future


Get Help From Mentor Expert

We have Mentors to assist you in your Homework and Experts to help you defining your career path and will make you job ready.

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