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Community Contents [ Self learning ]

We have structured 55,000+ study materials and 18,000+ learning contents mapped to your syllabus. Learn from the comfort of your home and at your own time.

Extended School[ Live ]

We have 2500+ Trained Teachers and 100+ Academic Experts in our community both for Online and Physical Class. Enrol yourself and find a teacher now.

Learn Mother Tongue [ Live ]

We have Language Experts to help you learn English, Hindi, Odia, etc. Learning language from an expert is really easy. Start learning language from the comfort of your home.

Practice/Mock Exams

We have 2 Lakh+ Questions and 2000+ Mock Exams for Students and Teachers. Join our community and know where you stand among 5 Lakhs Students.

Connect To Mentor

We have 5 Lakh+ Students community who will assist you as your elder brother and sister in your homework and assignments. Choose your mentor and acquire more knowledge.

Connect to Expert

We have 2600+ Academic Experts in our Community to assist you for one-on-one class and also in Career Counselling. Talk to our expert now for a bright future.

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